Dispute the trade line in writing with Credit Reporting Agencies

  link to dispute letter instructions

If the trade line is not deleted or fixed, send a 623 investigation request to the
original credit

1.        this is a letter sent by certified mail with return receipt requested (green card) to the mailing address listed on your
credit report.  
2.        in the letter you must specifically request written evidence that supports the negative aspects of the trade line (ie.,
lates, unpaid balance)
3.        If you have any written evidence that disputes the trade line, you must include it for the original creditor to address it

Wait 30 days from the day the original creditor received your letter

If no response received, send a letter to the Credit Reporting Agencies

1.        this is a letter sent by certified mail with return receipt requested that explains that you have disputed this trade ine
directly with the original creditor at the address given by CRA without response.  

2.        send copies of your green card receipt and the 623 letter that you mailed to the original creditor.

3.        in accordance with federal law the trade line must be deleted

How do I know it is working?

1.        the best out come is for the original creditor to respond to your letter with a form letter that states that the trade line
is being deleted from all the credit reporting agencies.  Send copies of this letter to the credit reporting agencies to speed
the process

2.        if you have no response and the credit reporting agency won’t delete the original creditor can be sued for violating
federal law.

3.        Not ready to file a suit in federal court?  File a complaint with the appropriate regulating agency
Basic 623 Investigation
or how to dispute/delete trade line with the original creditor